Competition Night 2019-05-23: Theme – Back Lighting; Judge – Ross Stansfield

Thursday, May 23, 2019, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
Monroe Auditorium
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

Theme: Back Lighting
Judge: Ross Stansfield

Theme Description: The light source is facing the camera and the subject will either be in silhouette or have rim light.

Entries must be logged in at the meeting by 7pm on the evening of the competition. Standard white matting is mandatory and please label the back with your Name, Level, Color or BW and Title.

Competitions are monthly (4th Thursday of each month – in this case the 5th due to holiday) and are open to Paid LPC Members. All interested non-members are welcome to visit, listen to critiques and join in if you would like to officially join the club! Judges are different each month and come from all over!

We are in the Auditorium for all Competitions