April 14, 2011: Beyond the Garden Gate – Josh Taylor

Josh will cover good garden photography techniques. Please come prepared to take lots of notes, as Josh will be judging the “Flowers and Gardens” competition six weeks later.


May 12, 2011: Wilderness Photography – Ian Plant

Ian will discuss the ins and outs of wilderness photography, as well as the “must have” equipment to haul into the wilderness for good wilderness photography.



Previous Speakers

Sept. 9, 2010: Photographing Water – Nikhil Bahl

Nikhil will discuss different techniques to achieve various effects when photographing water.

If you are a photographer that likes to interpret the same scene a different way then you will definitely appreciate the creative possibilities when photographing water. Nikhil’s presentation will cover techniques and ideas from different ways of photographing reflections to how changing the shutter speed affects the rendition of your photograph. Long exposures and the best times of day for the desired effect will also be discussed.

Oct. 14, 2010: Digital Infrared Photography – Alan Sislen

Alan will speak on the fine art of digital infrared (IR) photography. This will include a discussion of technical and aesthetic issues related to IR photography, including the infrared spectrum, best subjects for IR, using a point and shoot digital camera vs. a DSLR, using filters vs. having your digital camera converted for IR, and white balance and focus issues.


Nov. 11, 2010: On the American Road: Images and Anecdotes – Steve Gottlieb

Steve will present the story of his life as a photographer with images, stories, photo tips, and advice.



Jan. 13, 2011: Photography as a Business – Joe Rossbach

Joe will discuss how to turn your photography hobby in to a photography business.


Feb. 10, 2011: Macro Photography – Corey Hilz

Corey will discuss how to compose and shoot good macro photos.



March 10, 2011: The Digital Workflow – Scott Musson

Scott will cover the digital workflow process from start to finish.