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February 24, 2011: Repetition and Patterns – looking for, capturing and emphasizing the patterns we see in the everyday objects around us.
Judge: Mary Louise Ravese



March 24, 2011:
Color: HDR – images constructed from multiple images with different exposures to increase the dynamic range of the camera’s sensor (“black and white” HDR images are acceptable for this competition)
Monochrome: High Contrast Black and White – Images comprising two tones only: pure black and pure white.
Judge: Corey Hilz



April 28, 2011: Doors and Windows – images featuring a door or windows as a prominent part of the composition.
Judge: Roy Sewall


May 26, 2011: Flowers and Gardens – images of flowers or gardens. Flower images may be, but are not limited to, macro compositions.
Judge: Josh Taylor


Previous Competitions:

September 23, 2010: Textures in Nature – the use of lighting and camera angle to accent the 3D aspect of your subject found in nature. E.g., emphasizing the 3D nature of a flower, leaf, cactus needles, etc.
Judge: Bill Prosser


October 28, 2010: Fall Landscapes – landscape images featuring fall colors
Judge: Sandi Croan


December 9, 2010: Grab Bag – Members will pull a random object from a bag at the November 11th meeting. Members must produce color and/or monochrome pictures feature that object as a prominent part of the image at the December 9th contest/Holiday party. Images will be judged and voted on by members in attendance. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons only will be awarded for each skill level..

Judge: LPC Members