We’re moving to our new home. We will be holding our meetings at our new place starting May 2017.


Lansdowne Woods of Virginia (formerly Leisure World)

 19375 Magnolia Grove Square,

Lansdowne, VA 20176

The meetings will be held at the Monroe Auditorium, 2nd floor at The Club House

Please check the LPC News page  or our Facebook page for the latest information in case the meeting room has change due to availability.




The Red Box is the Main Gate

The Pin Drop in the Club House Building

For larger map, click this Google Map


Security Access

Note that the facility has a security guard at the main entrance.

At the gate house, check in with the guards, tell them you are from Loudoun Photo Club. They may ask for your name to check our current members list. They will give you a pass that needs to be displayed on your dashboard.

Once through the gate, come up to the first stop sign and take a right. The club house is the large building in the center of the community.
For folks who are not yet members of LPC, just let them know you are a guest of Loudoun Photo Club.


You can park anywhere that does NOT say “Resident Only”.
You can enter through the doors on the front or back of the building.
 If you park in the green( in map above), go in main doors and up the stairs, once up the stairs turn left, keep walking.
If you park in the blue ( in map above), go in the main doors, turn right and keep walking.
The Club House has a restaurant. If anyone wants a quick bite before/after the meeting.

We will start the meeting at  7.00 pm SHARP!! because we need to be out  at 9.00 pm ( no extension). Plan ahead~~ be early, just to make sure there a no delays.