Speaker Night 2019-05-09: Nikhil Bahl – From Inspiration to Interpretation

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
Theater Room (old Jefferson Room)
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for May 9th is Nikhil Bahl with his presentation “From Inspiration to Interpretation”.

(c) Nikhil Bahl


As photographers, when we are inspired by something, we are driven to photograph it. This can lead to a pretty photograph as we try and show the subject in the best light. However, it is possible to make your image more meaningful with personal interpretation. In this presentation, Nikhil will discuss how you can identify your inspiration and create images that communicate that personal connection, through interpretation.

Nikhil Bahl is a full time professional photographer, author, educator and and environmentalist residing in the Washington D.C. area. Drawing continuous inspiration from nature, Nikhil adopts novel approaches and seeks meaningful interpretations: to create photographs that transcend the commonplace, reflect deeper insights, and convey an enchantment of the subject’s beauty.

An offshoot of Nikhil’s fine art photography and love of nature is his documentation of wildlife behaviors and habitats. As a volunteer with the National Park Service and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, his goal is to portray environmental stories with an artistic appeal, so his photographs educate and motivate about the imperative of conservation.

Each year Nikhil leads numerous photography tours and instructional workshops in the United States and abroad. His teaching encourages participants to advance beyond ordinary photos and develop their own style and vision. Nikhil is a popular speaker at photography clubs, expos and industry events. He authored the acclaimed ebook, Creative Interpretations and writes articles on the creative and technical aspects of photography. His work can be viewed at www.nikhilbahl.com.

Speaker Night 2019-04-11: Kristi Odom – “Adventures from Africa to Alaska: Finding a Unique Narrative”

Thursday, April 11, 2019, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
Theater Room (old Jefferson Room)
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for April 11th is Nikon Ambassador, Kristi Odom.

The world is full of perfect moments and beautiful creatures, and Kristi loves nothing more than capturing them on camera. She has traveled to Thailand, Bolivia, Sydney, and domestically, for weddings, special projects, and speaking events.

In 2018, Kristi joined the elite Nikon Ambassador program. She has spent the last couple years as a motivational speaker presenting on stage for Nikon, WPPI, Fearless, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and others. She holds a Master’s accreditation from WPPI and over 60 international photography awards including 2 Nature’s Best Photography awards and 26 Fearless awards. Her work has been on exhibit in many different places which include the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Fearless, Rangefinder, Rollingstone.com, Outside Magazine, and even on a billboard in Times Square.

(Note: We will be in the renovated Theater (old Jefferson room) for this event. When you arrive go to the other side of the building, past the pool on the same level as the auditorium.)

Speaker Night 2019-03-14: Irene Hinke-Sacilotto – Tangier Island

Thursday, March 14, 2019, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
Theatre (formerly Jefferson Room, at the other end of the hall from the Monroe Auditorium)
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for March is Irene Hinke-Sacilotto.

Since 1979, Irene Hinke-Sacilotto has led numerous tours under the auspices of Osprey Photo Workshops and Tours, and has conducted many photographic workshops for zoos, nature centers, and organizations like the National Wildlife Federation and the Assateague Island Alliance. She regularly lectures at Johns Hopkins University and conducts seminars for other educational institutions, retirement communities, and bird and photo clubs including the New England Council of Camera Clubs. Workshops and classes cover nature, wildlife, garden, and travel photography plus programs on locations such as the Brazilian Pantanal, Iceland, and Chincoteague. Irene’s “How To” articles have appeared in national publications, including:

  • Shutterbug’s Outdoor and Nature Photography
  • Outdoor Photographer
  • Birding

Her photography has appeared in numerous magazines, such as Birder’s World, Birding, Living Bird, National Wildlife Federation, Natural History, Outdoor Photographer, Weekly Reader, as well as many books, calendars, note cards, and posters produced by:

  • Audubon
  • National Geographic
  • National Park Service
  • Sierra Club

Irene has contributed more than 70 images to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge’s new Herbert H. Bateman Administrative and Education Center and other interpretive displays. Many images displayed in the exhibit appear in Irene’s new book Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, An Ecological Treasure. To order her book, look under the Book tab on this websites home page.

In the past 30 years, Irene has led over 200 programs in more than 80 locations in the United States and abroad. When developing workshops and tours, she researches locations thoroughly, creating itineraries that provide participants with optimal photo opportunities.

Speaker Night: 2019-02-14, Kelly Schneider, Portraiture Demo (with Model)

Thursday, February 14, 2019, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for February 14 is Kelly Schneider.

In 2010, Kelly and his wife started the family photography business focusing on weddings and portraiture/boudoir. Over time, he has become passionate about teaching others and he has earned a Masters Training Specialist designation from the US Navy and earned a Master’s degree in Human Systems Integration from the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey California.

Kelly continues to develop his photography skills and strongly believes in constantly learning and invests in himself through attendance at 2-3 learning workshops/events each year.

Over the past few years, Kelly and his wife Kalina (also a gifted photographer and active PPA member/MDPPA member) has been hosting workshops both in the US and in Europe. The family photography business has recently changed its name to Kelly Schneider Fine Arts (ksfinearts.com) and focuses on Boudoir and Fine Art portraiture and workshops.

Kelly is currently writing his first book on “The Salient Portrait – the science behind it and how to achieve it” and is a core element of all his workshops and training events.

Speaker Night: 2019-01-10 – Mark Van Bergh, Winter Photography

Thursday, January 10, 2019, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for January 10 is Mark Van Bergh.

Washington, D.C. photographer Mark Van Bergh pursues a wide variety of photographic subjects and interests. His event photography includes weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events and other special events throughout metropolitan Washington D.C. Clients include individuals, corporations, trade associations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and a Washington area entertainment and life-style magazine.

Mark’s photographic interests in nature, wildlife, and travel photography have taken him to many destinations throughout the United States and abroad. Within the U.S. Mark has explored many of our National Parks and wildlife refuges.

International destinations include Canada; Antarctica; Europe (east and west); the sub-Sahara African nations of Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia; Japan and China. Mark’s photographs have been exhibited in several galleries in the Washington area. Publication credits include a variety of magazines and the coffee-table book Focus on Africa: Wildlife, Conservation and Man.

Learn more about Mark at http://www.markvanbergh.com

Speaker Night: 2018-12-13 – Frank V. Riper, How to Gather Photos & Signing

Thursday, December 13, 2018, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for December 13 is Frank Van Riper.

Frank Van Riper’s award-winning career in journalism began in 1967 at the Daily News in New York where for 20 years he served as White House correspondent, national political correspondent and ultimately Washington Bureau news editor. But he also has been a photographer for as long as he has been a writer and now, with the publication of his sixth book, he offers a documentary-cum-memoir about two of the world’s great cities: New York and Paris.

"RECOVERED MEMORY" coverRecovered Memory: New York and Paris 1960-1980 (Daylight Books, October 2018) is a meditation on time and place: before the internet and 24/7 news; when one could visit the Eiffel Tower without seeing police and automatic weapons, when a ride on the New York subway cost 15 cents, when the smell of fresh-baked baguettes wafted over nearly every Parisian neighborhood, and when the Coney Island parachute ride still thrilled thousands. Van Riper’s striking black and white photographs spanning twenty years, coupled with his eloquent texts, capture
the 20th-century romance and grit of New York more than a half century ago, and Paris, some forty years ago. It was a time when the pace of life was slower and somehow less threatening, people talked to each other instead of texting on their iPhones, and you literally had to stop and smell the coffee or freshly baked bagel.

Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman are husband and wife documentary and fine art photographers, whose work has been published internationally. Goodman’s photography has hung in the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and the Baltimore Museum; she also is a widely exhibited sculptor. Van Riper’s photography is in the permanent collections of the National Museum of American Art and the National Portrait Gallery (Washington, DC) as well as the Portland Gallery of Art (Portland, Maine.). His 1998 book of photography and essays, Down East Maine/A World Apart, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and won the silver award for photography from the Art Director’s Club of Washington. They are the co-authors of Serenissima: Venice in Winter, a coffee table book of black and white photographs and essays that was published in the United States and in Italy. www.veniceinwinter.com

Books will be available for sale ($45 includes tax) – just in time for a unique holiday gift! Frank will also be signing copies per request!

Speaker Night: 2018-10-11 – Mitchell Layton; Sports Photography

Thursday, October 11, 2018, 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for October 11 is Mitchell Layton.

Layton has been part of the Washington, DC and Baltimore photography world for over 30 years. He has distinguished himself as an established and well-respected photographer known for his creativity, reliability, and dedication.

In addition to his work with schools and local sports teams, Layton has had the opportunity to cover three Olympic Games, as well as every major sporting event in the United States including, but not limited to Super Bowls, Stanley Cup finals, NCAA championships and World Series. Layton’s photographs have appeared in Sports Illustrated, ESPN: the magazine, USA Today, Time, Newsweek and National Geographic. His work also appears regularly on sports web sites that include SportsIllustrated.com, ESPN.com, Yahoo.com and Fox.com, as well as in many print publications that are read worldwide.

To learn more about Mitchell Layton’s work, please visit his website at www.MitchellLayton.com

Speaker Night: Sep 13, 2018 – Patty Hankins

Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Lansdowne Woods
19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, Virginia 20176

LPC’s speaker for September is Patty Hankins. She will share how she uses local adjustments when editing her photos to draw the view’s eye where she wants them to look.

Patty is a flower and landscape photographer in the Washington, DC area. She is the author of “Wildflower Meditations: A Gift for the Spirit”, which featres 90 of her photographs of wildflowers and 90 inspirational quotations. She leads several photography workshops and photo tours each year including flower photography, landscape photography, and photo editing. Visit her at BeautifulFlowerPictures.com for more information.

Speakers are invited monthly (usually the 2nd Thursday of each month) and are open to members, non-members and guests. Please see our Join page for information about joining LPC for more fun events!

LPC Speaker Night 05/10/2018: Jeff Mauritzen ” Landscape and Wildlife Photography”




Please join us for LPC Speaker Night: Jeff Mauritzen on “Landscape and Wildlife Photography”

Jeff Mauritzen, a seasoned photographer and educator.  His assignments and adventures have immersed him in vivid landscapes in all 7 continents and more than 60 countries around the world.  Whether capturing 360-degree panoramas of wildlife along an African savanna or photographing sharks in the Pacific depths, Jeff’s work expresses an unwavering passion, respect, curiosity, and awe for the natural world.

His images have appeared in hundreds of publications, including over a dozen National Geographic Books, National Geographic Traveller Magazine (UK), several Lonely Planet guidebooks, BBC Travel, Washingtonian magazine, Virginia Tourism, and on the @natgeotravel instagram account, where he’s a regular contributor.  Jeff’s most recent assignment was to photograph the Ireland travel guidebook for National Geographic.

In addition to assignment work, Jeff is also a popular photography expert, guiding and lecturing on natural history-focused trips around the world for National Geographic Expeditions.

When he’s not traveling for work, he can be found in Loudoun County with his wife, daughter and rescue greyhound.  You can see examples of Jeff’s photography at jeffmauritzen.com.

LPC Speaker Night: 01/11/2018 Frank Lee Ruggles “Chasing Light”



Location:  19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, VA 20176

Join us for LPC Speaker Night on topic “Chasing Light” by Frank Lee Ruggles.

In 2007, while hiking in the George Washington National Forest, Frank Lee Ruggles’ cell phone unexpectedly rang. It was the National Park Service calling to tell him he had been accepted to the position as an official photographer for the National Park Service, a position once held by his photographic hero, Ansel Adams. It seemed fitting to him that he would be awarded his “dream job” while hiking on public lands. In the years following, Frank has visited and hiked more than 300 National Parks and Forests — a 3,600 day, 100,000 mile journey that has taken him to the most beautiful and wondrous places in the country.

A professional photographer since 1992, he’s done just about every type of photography a commercial shooter can do — fine art, architecture, portraiture, product photography, photo journalism, scientific photography, and even weddings. He was a photo services provider for several Federal Agencies in Washington DC, including the State Department, where he was the exclusive photographic printer for Secretary of State Colin Powell. He worked for the FBI, and the Treasury, Commerce, and Energy Departments, and did the custom hand-printing for the Smithsonian Institution. As a soldier, Federal contractor, and government employee, Frank has worked for the last five Presidential Administrations. Through the years however, his passion has always been photographing nature while hiking and camping. His position with the Park Service would afford him endless possibilities to explore and photograph the country. He finished his five-year tour with the National Park Service and is now showing his private works in gallery exhibitions across the country, touring in support of his new coffee table book Chasing Light — An Exploration of thre American Landscape. His latest civilian excursions have led him on a 79-mile solo hike through Death Valley National Park and a 36-mile hike through Olympic National Park. In his spare time, Frank has been appearing (as himself) in a few National Park movies and he is developing a TV series about photography. His production team just filmed the first episode a few weeks ago.

Frank lives in Richmond. Virginia with his wife, Lisa Crow Ruggles, and his Great Dane, Wilson.


LPC Speaker Night 10/12/2017: Geff Bourke “Black and White Photography”




Location:  19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, VA 20176

Geff is currently in his fourth year as LPC Co-President and one of the founding seven members of LPC, so many years ago.

Geff has a brilliant way of seeing the world around him and getting it to sensor or film. In the last three years Geff has used digital, 35mm and Medium Format to express his art.

LPC Speaker Night 09/14/2017: Ellis Rosenberg “Judging Judges’



Location:  19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, VA 20176


Ellis Rosenberg is a talented photographer who has been refining his craft for more than 40 years, He has served as Chair of the Reston Photographic Society, as a board member of the League of Reston Artists, and as a board member of the Nature Visions Photo Expo. He is a graduate of the NVACC / Joe Miller Seminar on Judging, and has judged many photography competitions over the years, helping participants to both learn from each competition and enjoy sharing their images in a competitive setting. These experiences have given him considerable insight into the judging process.

Ellis will share his insights on photography competitions, the judging process, and how each judge’s biases and personal preferences can affect how an image is interpreted and evaluated.

You can see examples of Ellis’s photography atimagesbyellis.smugmug.com/

LPC Speaker Night 05/11/2017: Stan Bysshe — Photographic Journeys




Location: * New Home ( Please see the post for more information)

19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne, VA 20176
Our Speaker for this night will be:
Stan Bysshe — Photographic Journeys — May 11, 2017
Although Stan has been taking pictures since the early seventies, it wasn’t until the take-off of digital photography that he became passionate about the photographic process. It has been a slow, sometimes painful and certainly continuous learning process. But with retirement, it beat the heck out of playing golf. Like many of you, in the film days,he dabbled in the darkroom, however there just wasn’t time to become a photographer. Now that he has the time, Stan enjoys planning photo shoots, thinking about how to make an image and then processing it, and finally printing it. For him, the ultimate endpoint for a photograph is the print. However he still doesn’t consider himself completely knowledgeable about any of those steps; there is always something new to learn.The biggest influence on Stan’s photography has been the natural world, especially marine reef ecology. He has been a certified scuba diver for forty five years and stopped logging dives after two thousand. For the past three decades he rarely dove without a camera and  seldom took images unless he was underwater. So he supported his habit by photographing and writing for dive magazines, dive shops and tourist boards. More recently however, maintaining and traveling with dive gear, underwater housings and strobes as well as cameras simply lost it’s glamour. So about five years ago he decided to explore the natural world on land. That meant learning about new habitats, and animal behaviors and photographing without flash. Not surprisingly, birds in flight caught his eye. They aren’t that different from fish on a reef! This has lead to studying capturing subjects in motion; more on that later.
Stan has mostly shot with Nikon, but truly has no preference, other than he is now trapped by the lenses he owns. It’s not the camera! Most of his post-processing initially was with Aperture and now Lightroom. He is Photoshop illiterate; another project in the making. However with photographing nature, processing takes a backseat to an image that allows the subject in its environment to be the art.
You can view more examples of Stan’s work at https://sbysshe.smugmug.combysshe1

LPC Speaker Night 03/09/2017 : Dan Ward ” Photographing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse”




Join us for LPC Speaker Night with  Dan Ward on Photographing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse


As an 11-year old, Dan L. Ward first took “close-up” photos of the moon by holding the family’s Brownie Hawkeye camera to the eyepiece of his Gilbert 3” reflector telescope.  The results may have been less than spectacular, but were still sufficient to nurture a love of photography and astronomy that continues five decades later.


While living in Arizona in the 1980s, he refined his film astrophotography skills.  Several astronomy magazines published his comets, deep sky and planet photos.  Astronomy books also used his images, including David Levy’s best seller, The Sky: A Users Guide


The demands of fatherhood for two daughters, plus career relocations away from Arizona prompted a 20-year hiatus from astronomical pursuitsDan continued to refine his photographic techniques by pursuing nature and street photography and has been active in several Northern Virginia camera clubs.


In preparation for the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, Dandusted off his telescope and cracked the books on recent innovations inastro-imaging techniquesNow exploring the sky with camera lens, telescopes and binoculars, Dan primarily photographs the sun and moon.  Having researched a variety of safe filtering techniques, he encourages others to leverage his sometimes hard learned lessons as they prepare for the solar eclipse event of a lifetime in August.  


A small sampling of Dan’s astro images can be viewed within his astronomy gallery at http://danlward.imagekind.com/store/